VARIBOX Drumtainer

Polyethylene (LLDPE), recyclable
Stainless steel 1,4301 (304)
Material frame
Recyclable Stainless steel, Nylon, PU
Material Wheels
Type of wheels
2x swivel castor with brake and 2x fixed castors, blue PU thread
The VARIBOX Drumtainer is the mobile overpack for drums

The VARIBOX Drumtainer is the mobile overpack for standard 200 – 230 litres drums. The Drumtainer is specially designed for easy and more importantly safe and ergonomic transport of drums. The integrated spill containment of the Drumtainer eliminates the need for a spill containment. Because of the integrated spill containment, it is possible to place the Drumtainer on every desired location. But there is more, by using the moveable Drumtainer the physical effort will be decreased. Because there is no need anymore of lifting a 200 – 230 drum on the required spill pallet. In addition, the design of the Drumtainer will support the professional image of your company.

Specially designed for easy and efficient transport

As mention before, it is possible to place the VARIBOX Drumtainer on every desired location. It is really easy to move the Drumtainer by hand through the large castors and spacious push bars. Because of its efficient design, you move the Drumtainer towards the desired location and connect it to your system. Click, ready and go. Whether detergents or chemicals with the Drumtainer you will provide to your customer not only a very
safe, but also a very efficient way of supplying your products.

For the Environment

The drum in the Drumtainer is tilted which facilitates an almost complete emptying of the drum. So: less remains in the drum, less waste and less cleaning. The Drumtainer ensures that your products stay safely inside. The Drumtainer is the true mobile overpack for your drums. Product sizes are adapted to pallets, doors and elevators, fewer transport recourses needed. But there is more, the Drumtainer is also good for your Budget. The Drumtainer is an innovative overpack for transportation, storage and handling of 200–230 litres drums. Whether detergents or chemicals – the Drumtainer is a very efficient way of packing your products.

More information

Do you have any specific questions regarding the VARIBOX Drumtainer or do you want more information about our IBC the VARIBOX FC, please feel free to contact us by or you can call +31 570 660 711. Or just use the contact form on the right side of the page.

Material Container
Polyethylene (LLDPE), recyclable
Material frame
Stainless steel 1,4301 (304) recyclable
Material wheels
Stainless steel, Nylon PU Tread
Type of wheels
2x swivel castor with brake and 2x fixed castors, blue PU thread
Containment capacity
800mm (opened lid: 906 mm)
1360 mm (opened lid: 1900 mm)
Nett height (stacking)
1310 mm
Not stackable
34 kg (Wagon version: 37 kg)
Maximum density
Capable of carrying products with a maximum density of 1.5 kg/litres
Load behind wagon
700 kg
DIBt approval
Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung Z-40.22-478 (standard version only)
ADR regulation
Overpack certification. Within the framework of the regulation for the transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR)
DIBT, Overpack, Orientation arrows and Safety