A new VARIBOX IBC is coming soon

A new VARIBOX IBC is coming soon

A new VARIBOX IBC is coming soon. The final countdown has begun! There are just 7 days left until the official product launch of our new compact VARIBOX IBC. It comes with the same qualities as you know and expects from VARIBOX, including the closed system and integrated spill containment. The new IBC has a fraction of the footprint. Just as all the VARIBOX IBCs, the new IBC will meet the European and Dutch regulations (UN, ADR, PGS 15 and PGS 31).

Creating a safe working environment

The ultimate goal of VARIBOX is to create a working environment where safety is the number one priority. Through its unique and safe design, the new IBC is a double-walled IBC with integrated spill containment. This gives you and your customer a safe solution and the flexibility to put the VARIBOX in every desired location without having extra drip tray facilities. Besides that, when connected the VARIBOX remains completely closed – in this way chemical contact is avoided. By being proactive and helping our customers we can improve safety in the chemical distribution.

The reveal in just 7 days

In just 7 days the new VARIBOX IBC will be released. The new IBC will be available from the second of July. The new IBC can be equipped with the extractor tubes, level-sensors and seals. Also, all colours of the VARIBOX FC and VARIBOX SC will be available. For more information keep an eye on our LinkedIn and website, or ask your account manager about the possibilities.

More information

For now, we are pleased to help you out with our durable and double-walled VARIBOX FC or VARIBOX SC. If you need information about any of our IBC’s, please feel free to contact us at info@varibox-ibc.com or call +31 570 660 711