Delivering quality for over 50 years

Promens Deventer BV develops and manufactures products for the storage and transport of chemicals. With over 50 years of experience, we create innovative products for the handling of chemicals.
At Promens our motto is “Shaping Plastics Beyond The Obvious”, an approach that has resulted in the development of products that have won numerous awards for innovative packaging. After our first award-winning product was introduced in 1958, several others followed:
Multibox, Varitainer, Chemtainer, Palletank, Varicube, Bonbonne, CKMB, MultiWay, VARIBOX. Including the iCon which received the Dutch innovation award Gouden Noot and WorldStar Award.
The all-plastic multi-trip containers are produced in the RPC Promens factories in Europe using the rotational moulding process.

About us

Promens Deventer BV. was founded in 1966 in the pioneering and is one of the inventors of rotational moulding.  As part of the globally operating Group, we supply plastic IBC's (Intermediate Bulk Containers) under the name VARIBOX. Building on more than 50 years of experience with plastic IBC's the VARIBOX is the safest IBC for the chemical chain. 

Our mission

"By understanding our customers' needs we create roto moulded product with added value in a healthy and safe working environment."

Our vision

  • "Safety is our number one priority by creating a safe working environment."
  • "Our people make the difference by making the best out of themselves."
  • "We build a long lasting relationship with our customers to understand their needs and pains and offer customized solutions." 
  • "We support the view of a circular economy, its requirements to be more resource efficient and focus on lifecycle thinking." 
  • "Automation is key to secure ergonomics, reliability an efficiency."
  • "By acting this way we will deliver a sustainable contribution to our stakeholders."

Packaging chemicals can be safer! 

The ultimate goal of VARIBOX is to create a working environment where safety is the number one priority. The VARIBOX FC is a doubled-walled IBC with integrated spill containment. The VARIBOX FC complies to the latest UN and ADR regulations. This gives you and your customer a safe solution and the flexibility to put the VARIBOX FC in every desired location without having extra drip tray facilities. Besides that, when connected the VARIBOX FC remains completely closed - in this way chemical contact is avoided. By being proactive and helping our customers we help to improve the safety culture in the chemical distribution. 


Multibox - CKMB - Varitainer - iCon - VARIBOX