Delivering quality for over 50 years

RPC Promens develops and manufactures products for the storage and transport of chemicals. With over 50 years of experience we create innovative products for the handling of chemicals.
At Promens our motto is “Shaping Plastics Beyond The Obvious”, an approach that has resulted in the development of products that have won numerous awards for innovative packaging. After our first award winning product was introduced in 1958, several others followed:
Multibox, Varitainer, Chemtainer, Palletank, Varicube, Bonbonne, CKMB, MultiWay, VARIBOX. Including the iCon which received the Dutch innovation award Gouden Noot and WorldStar Award.
The all-plastic multi-trip containers are produced in the RPC Promens factories in Europe using the rotational moulding process.

Shaping plastics beyond the obvious: the evolution of RPC Promens IBC’s


Multibox – CKMB – Varitainer – iCon – VARIBOX