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The VARIBOX® is the true multi-trip container. Tough, durable and reliable. Result: savings on your packaging costs with the VARIBOX®.

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Double walled tank

Are you looking for a safe and sustainable double-walled tank? By example for packing acids and alkalis? Then choose our VARIBOX SC of VARIBOX FC. Both types of VARIBOX are available in 1000 litres and 800 litres. The main difference between the SC and the FC is that the VARIBOX SC got a special design valve at the bottom of the box. The VARIBOX FC got an extractor tube on top. Both types of VARIBOX are double walled and got a closed system. Which means contact with the product inside will be avoided. In addition, the double-walled tank has an integrated drip tray. This allows you to place the container anywhere.

Why the double-walled tank form VARIBOX?

At VARIBOX we have a lot of experience and knowledge. Perhaps even more important: we've got a lot of experience of IBC's in fields. Because of this, we can guarantee the safety of our VARIBOX.  Our double-walled tank is also very safe for the storage of the chemical product. Do you have chemicals that build up pressure inside the IBC. Then our pressure relief vent is a very safe option. The pressure relief vent can be put on the VARIBOX and the pressure in the double-walled tank stays the same. The benefits of the VARIBOX are:

  • Extra protection through double-walled cover;
  • Sustainable - Lifetime of 10 years;
  • Integrated spill containment;
  • Integrated combi vent that opens fully automatically;
  • Optional pressure relief vent;
  • Optional extractor to pomp out chemical product from the top;
  • Meets UN/ADR, PGS and DIBt regulations;

Besides that, the double-walled tank is reuseable. The VARIBOX is a double-walled tank which means  optimum protection and 10 years lifetime.

50 years of experience

We have been developing and producing products for the storage and transport of chemicals for more than 50 years. So we can guarantee that you will receive the safest double-walled tank. Our motto "shaping plastics beyond the obvious" has led to the fact that we have developed a lot of innovative packaging and with that, we have won many prizes. At VARIBOX you are certainly in the right place for a double-walled tank.

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Do you want a double-walled tank? Check our VARIBOX FC or VARIBOX SC. Both types of VARIBOX are available in various colours and in two sizes. More information? Then download our brochure. If you have any questions, you can always contact us. Then please contact us. For this, you can fill in our contact form or you can reach us by calling +31 (0) 570 660 711.

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