Thank You FachPack!

Bezoeker VARIBOX op de FachPack bedantk

Thank you FachPack! Even as in 2016 it was again a great edition of FachPach. Everyone who has visited VARIBOX at our RPC stand, thank you! We enjoyed it, hopefully you too. If there are still any questions about VARIBOX please contact Kobus Bruins or if you would like to have additional information, please feel free to contact us. Here is a small impression of our stand during the FachPack.

The safety aspects of the VARIBOX

Even as in 2016, the safety aspects of the VARIBOX were the most important subject which had been discussed. For example, the integrated drip tray.  Because the VARIBOX has an integrated drip tray, the container does not have to be placed on a “loose” drip tray. There is no chance of leaking the chemicals because they are caught in the drip tray. These are some unique safety aspects that a “standard” IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) does not have. Besides that the closed system of the safe VARIBOX has been extensively discussed as well. The closed system of the VARIBOX ensures that you can’t come in contact with the chemicals that the VARIBOX contains. The chemicals can only be consumed by using the suction tube that the VARIBOX has.

Legislation of which the VARIBOX meets

Partly due to the integrated drip tray and the closed system, the VARIBOX meets various types of legislation. This had been discussed during the FachPack as well. For example, the VARIBOX complies with the UN and ADR legislation. These are specially developed European legislation to guarantee and control safety. By using the VARIBOX in the right way, you can prove to the government authorities that they comply with this legislation. Watch out, proper use of the VARIBOX is a requirement. If there are any questions about working safely with chemicals, please contact us via the contact form.