FAQ Ball Valve

This FAQ Ball Valve contains frequently asked questions about the Ball Valve that is installed on the VARIBOX SC 1000L and 800L IBC's. The FAQ is divided in to 3 parts; the characteristics of the Ball Valve, How to use the Ball Valve and the availability of the Ball Valve. 

The Characteristics of the Ball Valve 

What materials is my Ball Valve made of?
The material of the valve body is made from fiber glass reinforced PP (PPGF or PPFV) or PE (PEGF or PEFV). The seals are made of either EPDM or of VITON. The ball sits in Teflon (PTFE) valve seats
What valve connections are available?
The Ball Valve is available with different outlet connections to match your systems. We offer; 2” diameter Camlock connection, 1.5” diameter Camlock connection or 2” diameter inner thread connection.
Can I use the Ball Valve also for Sulphuric acid?
For Sulphuric acid like in concentrations of 96% – 98% we recommend using a special version of the Ball valve. This special valve has a body made of glass fibre reinforced PE (PEGF or PEFV). The seals are made of VITON. The ball sits in Teflon (PTFE) valve seats.
What is the meaning of the Handle’s colour?
The handle of your valve is color coded. This helps to identify the Ball valve version. If your handle is red, it means the seal is EPDM. If your handle is green, it means the seal is FPM (FKM or VITON). If your handle is yellow, it means the valve is our special valve for Sulphuric acid.
Does the valve need to be replaced?
No. When you change the inner bottle after up to 5 years, according to ADR regulations, we provide you with a completely new inner bottle that includes a brand new heavy-duty Ball valve and lid. The Ball valve is not to be reused after the 5-year period.

How to use the Ball Valve

Can I remove the front of the Bal valve?
No, the Ball valve is of a so-called monobloc design. It is not to be disassembled. The front part cannot be taken off, it is secured by a cover to prevent disassembly.
What should I do with the Ball valve when I am cleaning the Varibox?
When you clean the Varibox, you should open the valve. So, the cleaning liquid can flow out of the Varibox. If you position the handle at 45° (halfway between Open and Closed) also the area around the ball itself can be rinsed.
How do I need to open the valve?
To operate the valve, first remove the cap. Then squeeze the handle to the unlock the safety grip before opening the valve. The grip will lock automatically when you take your hand off the handle. When the handle is pointing towards you (aligned with the outlet) it means the Varibox is open.
How do I need to close the valve?
To close the valve, turn the handle clockwise (perpendicular to the outlet). The safety grip will lock automatically when it arrives in the closed position. The valve is closed when the handle is perpendicular to the outlet. Finish the closing by placing the cap on the valve outlet
Can I have an EPDM Valve with a VITON screwcap or the opposite?
No, all seals on a Varibox are of the same material.
Can I open the valve without PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)?
No, the operator of the Varibox should always wear PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) according to the company’s regulations.
Why is there a bolt beneath the Ball valve?
Our Ball valve is equipped with an anti-rotation bolt. This sits in a slot in the pallet to avoid rotation that could lead to a leakage between the ball valve and the inner bottle.
Can I use another valve on the Varibox?
No, the Varibox Ball valve is specifically designed and has been approved. It cannot be replaced by another valve.

Availability of the Ball Valve 

Where can I order the Ball valve?
Replacements for the Ball valve are available at VARIBOX Customer Service Montoir. Please contact our customer service by sending an email to mhpsales.montoir@promens.com. Or contact us by telephone on +33 (0)2 40 45 99 99

More information

Do you have any other specific questions regarding the FAQ Ball Valve on the VARIBOX SC 1000L or 800L ? Please feel free to contact our VARIBOX Customer Service France by Tel: +33 (0)2 40 45 99 99 or email to: mhpsales.montoir@promens.com