Featured story with Big Dutchman

On this page you will find the featured story with Big Dutchman. In this featured story you can see how the farmer optimally uses the VARIBOX IBC. Our new business manager Kobus Bruins and Mr. Ronald Tapken from Big Dutchmen have visited a farm to find out how the VARIBOX FC 1000 IBC is used in the purification of exhaust air.

VARIBOX in der Biogasindustrie

* The two-stage Big Dutchman waste air washer IUS-P is used in pig farming.

Interview with Mr. Roland Tapken

Interview with Mr. Roland Tapken, specialist air purification consultant at market leader Big Dutchman in Vechta. Mr. Tapken explained the meaning and function of exhaust air cleaning systems.

Mr. Tapken you have stated that the exhaust air scrubbers require agents such as sulfuric acid and alkalis. How do you ensure that your customers are properly advised when dealing with chemicals?

All systems are supplied by us with safety data sheets and customers receive a briefing about the operation and use of equipment. In addition, the farmer receives from us a shortlist of potential suppliers of chemicals, who pay particular attention to the safe repackaging of equipment..

• Because Big Dutchman is not a supplier of equipment, we refer to a list of suppliers

These suppliers offer the possibility of supplying the chemicals in the double-walled VARIBOX. With VARIBOX, the supplier has an approved UN transport packaging and a DIBt-approved storage container. At the same time, the VARIBOX meets the high expectations of the WHG and AwSV. This is the regulation on provisions for the treatment of substances that are hazardous to water.

Mr. Tapken You are currently speaking to the WHG. What exactly are you thinking about?

Since resources of sulfuric acid and lye are classified in a class of hazardous substances, they must have a catch facility. This edition meets the VARIBOX FC due to its double-walled design and therefore always has an integrated drip tray. A general approval for building supervision by the DIBt is available for the VARIBOX: Z-40.21-534.

Angeschlossene VARIBOX mit Schwefelsäure

Featured story with Big Dutchman

What benefits does the VARIBOX offer the farmer in his daily needs?

Clear economic benefits, since the VARIBOX is completely empty and therefore all purchased Kg sources are used.

Mr. Tapken you have talked about the practical application with the farmers. What other benefits does the VARIBOX have?

The VARIBOX is equipped with a modern click system © so that the farmer cannot come into contact with the equipment if the VARIBOX is to be connected to the dosing system. This corresponds to the accident prevention regulations

Mr. Tapken to what extent does the VARIBOX contribute to sustainability?

The VARIBOX is a robust and reusable container that has been suitable for years in agriculture. The manufacturer Promens ensures that the material is recycled after the permitted life of the VARIBOX has expired.

Mr. Tapken, we thank you for your implementation in the field of agricultural applications and so it can be said that the exhaust air purification systems from Big Dutchman in combination with the VARIBOX froms Promens Deventer forms a perfect unit. It offers farmers the opportunity to use their exhaust air purification systems safely, economically and sustainably.

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Connecting the VARIBOX IBC without opening it.

With just the click of an NS4 quick coupler on the top, the VARIBOX FC is connected to the installation. An extractor tube inside leads to the lowest point of the VARIBOX FC and this achieves a maximum emptying, leaving at most a ½ liter remaining volume. When connected to a pump, the VARIBOX FC remains closed and the green cover should not be opened. This minimizes the risk of contact with the chemical industry.

Angeschlossene VARIBOX mit Schwefelsäure
VARIBOX IBC mit Schwefelsäure

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