Highly Protective IBC

At VARIBOX safety is our number one priority in everything that we do. From developing our Highly Protective IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) as well as producing our IBC’s we do it in the safest possible way. This philosophy comes back to every IBC. That why’s the Highly Protective VARIBOX FC is been developed. With many safety features as a closed system, integrated spill containment and an extractor tube the VARIBOX FC is the safest IBC for transport and storage of dangerous chemicals.

Double-walled IBC

VARIBOX FC is a double-walled IBC. Which means that the VARIBOX FC has a different inner and outer container. The outer container is placed in a separate pallet. That is what we call the integrated spill containment. Because there is no chance that there will be any leakage. The inner container will be placed in the outer container. There will be a cap on both containers, this creates the closed system. The use of an extractor is necessary. The extractor tube reaches the lowest point in the IBC. By connecting a pump system on the extractor tube the chemicals can be pumped out of the IBC. This completely closed system 100% guarantee that there will be no leakage of the chemical product. And toxic fumes will be avoided.

Different versions of our highly Protective IBC

One of the types of VARIBOX that we offer you is the VARIBOX FC 1000L, features of this box are:

  • Suitable for 1000L
  • 1200 mm wide
  • 1100 mm long
  • 1325 mm high
  • 150 mm EPDM of Viton sealing
  • 122 kg

In addition, there is also a smaller type of this FC, that is our VARIBOX FC 800L, features of this box are:

  • Suitable for 800L
  • 1200 mm wide
  • 1000 mm long
  • 1160 mm high
  • 150 mm EPDM of Viton sealing
  • 111 kg
More information
Do you have any specific question regarding the Highly Protective IBC’s of VARIBOX or do you want additional information please feel free to contact us by info@varibox-ibc.com or you can call +31 (0) 570 660 711