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The VARIBOX® is the true multi-trip container. Tough, durable and reliable. Result: savings on your packaging costs with the VARIBOX®.

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IBC 800L

Are you looking for an IBC 800L? Promens has more than 50 years of experience in the development of IBC's Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) for the storage and transport of food, pharmaceutical products and chemicals. We offer you a wide range of products to meet specific industrial needs. For example, we are happy to offer you our Varibox, with which you can transport and store chemicals. The VARIBOX is available in two different types and sizes. There is a single containment, that is our VARIBOX SC and there is a double-walled VARIBOX. That's our VARIBOX FC. Both types of VARIBOX are available in 800L and 1000L. 


The VARIBOX FC 800L has the following characteristics: 

  • Suitable for 800L 
  • 1200 mm wide
  • 1000 mm long
  • 1160 mm high
  • 150 mm EPDM of Viton sealing  
  • 111 kg

Besides the double-walled VARIBOX FC 800L, we also got the VARIBOX FC 1000L. This VARIBOX got the following characteristics: 

  • Suitable for 1000L 
  • 1200 mm wide
  • 1100 mm long
  • 1325 mm high
  • 150 mm EPDM of Viton sealing  
  • 122 kg

Both types of VARIBOX are made of polyethene and are available in multiple colours. 

About the VARIBOX

The VARIBOX from Promens is the safest IBC 800L for the storage and transport of chemicals. The VARIBOX FC has a completely closed system. Which means no fumes and nog contact with the chemical product inside the box.  The IBC is very easy to clean, prevents contamination of your product and is therefore extremely suitable for reuse. If you are transporting chemicals that can cause pressure build-up, a pressure relief vent is available so that the pressure in the VARIBOX remains the same. 

More information

If you are you interested in our IBC 800L, but do you have any questions about that? Please feel free to contact us, we will gladly help you further!

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