IBCs designed for reuse

Our VARIBOX IBCs are IBCs designed for reuse, its unique design make it the perfect solution for your chemical transportation and storage needs. It's unique design and heavy-duty construction gives the VARIBOX a lifetime up to 10 years! By using the extractor tube on top at the VARIBOX FC or the heavy-duty valve at the bottom of the VARIBOX SC, minimal residue will be left in the IBC. This minimizes waste and enables safe transport, trip after trip, year after year.

Two fundamental approaches

With the increasing pressure on our resource consumption and its climatic consequences, organisations are looking for new possibilities to save resources. Until now, there are two fundamentally different recycling strategies to save resources:

  • Slowing resource loops or reuse the product itself.
  • Closing the loop or recycle the material.

Coming back to our product, it has been designed with the idea of extending its active life. Where a standard Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) would last about a year with hazardous chemicals, the VARIBOX will last up to 10 years of intensive usage. It slows down the resource consumption related to packaging and it translates quickly in a drastic drop of packaging waste.

Reuse circular packaging strategy

In terms of packaging, within a circular economy we can distinguish two ownership strategies:

  • End-user owns the packaging
  • The producer or distributor owns the packaging.

With our VARIBOX products, both strategies can be applied. Chemical distributors own and manage reusable IBCs to deliver chemicals on a regular basis. Nonetheless, end-users also own and manage reusable IBCs for particular applications. With packaging becoming more important and consumers more conscious, the emphasis is put on safety and durability.

5 circular business models’ archetypes

Bakker et al. identified in his book "5 business circular business models" archetypes that amplify the recycling strategies. Amongst the 5 circular business models’ archetypes, the VARIBOX uses the Hybrid model, as it relies on the combination of a long-lasting product with consumables. It has a lifetime of up to 10 years with its inner bottle being the consumable part that has a maximum lifetime of up to 5 years*, set by ADR regulation. The consumable lasts up to the limit set by regulation and for this reason, the VARIBOX can be seen as a mix between the Hybrid and classic long-life model.
*For Hydrofluoric acid and Nitric acid with a concentration superior to 55%, ADR regulation requires the inner bottle to be changed after 2 years.

To provide you with the greatest value possible, we want the consumable to last up to the possible time limit set by regulations. It is then critical to understand that our reusable Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) will require:

  • Durable materials. The VARIBOX is made of roto-moulded grade LMDPE and with a higher wall thickness.
  • To be easily cleaned. It features a complete emptying of its inner bottle that results in minimal residues and efficient cleaning.
  • To be quickly maintained. The inner bottle can be changed easily by one operator, as the cover and pallet can be separated by only unlocking the four corners of your reusable IBC.

This combination is the most efficient, as the long-lasting product and its consumable part are able to last up to the maximal lifetime allowed by regulations.

The goal of the IBCs designed for reuse is to use them as many trips as possible. In this case, our VARIBOX could be one of the most efficient IBCs. Our products last a decade and it's consumable part last up to the limit. If effectively reused, this results in a clear decrease of packaging waste, a VARIBOX bought on day one will become recyclable packaging material only up to 10 years later, with production of residual waste after up to 5 years.

IBCs designed for reuse

Using a reusable IBC is a way, for both manufacturer/distributors and end-users, to slow the resource loop by causing the least amount of resources to be gathered for packaging needs.

Both reusable circular packaging strategies of ownership are currently applied to our reusable Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC). Indeed, end-users and distributors concerned about the safety and environmental impact of their activity are equipped with VARIBOX products. 

We use the Hybrid business model, as efficiently as can be, by providing you with a durable product and its consumable, that lasts up to the limit allowed by regulation. It can be seen as a mix between the hybrid business model and the classic long-life model.

More information

Do you have any specific questions regarding our IBCs designed for reuses or do you want additional information? Please feel free to contact us by email at info@varibox-ibc.com or by phone at +31 570 660 711