The 250, 800 and 1000 litre IBCs of VARIBOX comply with various regulations in many different countries in Europe. All the IBCs meets the regulations of the ADR and UN. Next to that, the VARIBOX CC 250 litre and VARIBOX FC 800 and 1000 litres meet the PGS 15 and PGS 31 regulations in the Netherlands. The FC and CC IBCs also have DIBt approval and meet the regulations of the AWsV in Germany. 

Is my substance allowed in the VARIBOX?

A substance may be filled in the VARIBOX if the chemical compatibility of the plastic of the VARIBOX with the substance is verified. This is done by so-called assimilation of the filling substance to standard liquids. The exact conditions are described in ADR

Ammonia in an IBC

The concentration of Ammonia in an IBC

he ADR lists Ammonia solution with a concentration between 10% and 35% as UN 2672. And ADR tells us that one can transport UN2672 in an IBC. Does this mean that you can ship Ammonia 25% in an IBC? No, you can’t do so!

More information about regulations

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