Stoffencheck – a dangerous goods app from the Dutch Inspectie SZW


The new Stoffencheck app was created on the initiative of the Dutch SZW Inspectorate and the FNV: “Hazardous substances are the biggest occupational disease in the workplace. The Stoffencheck app provides information about working with certain substances: what the risks are, whether you can get sick of them and what measures are needed to work safely.”
The app indicates what you can do yourself: a roadmap to deal with hazardous substances. It also indicates that it is important to use the so-called STOP strategy from Article 4.4 of the Arbobesluit (Working Conditions Decree). If Substitution is not possible or if there is still a safety or health hazard, Technical measures must be taken. As a measure to prevent the release of hazardous substances, the SZW Inspectorate mentions a “closed system” in the app.

The VARIBOX FC creates such a closed system.

The VARIBOX is emptied via the top. Due to the safe leak-free coupling it is not necessary to open a lid. The VARIBOX remains closed and thus prevents the release of hazardous substances. This avoids this risk to the safety or health of the employees.
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