VARIBOX stands for a healthy and sustainable future. Everything we do including designing and running our operations is aimed at a sustainable and healthy future.We work hard to meet our VARIBOX environmental responsibilities and help our customers to achieve their environmental responsibilities according chemical distribution. VARIBOX aims to contribute in every stage of the distribution process and storage process of the chemical products. From designing the safest Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) to protect people and environment to efficient transport and recycling of our VARIBOX after being used for 10 years.

Re-usable chemical packaging 

The VARIBOX SC and VARIBOX FC are specially designed for re-use. These re-useable IBC’s can be used up to 10 years. Re-using IBC’s throughout the complete lifetime of means that you need less plastic to produce a new IBC’s, which is better for the environment.


Low chemical residue

The VARIBOX SC and VARIBOX FC are designed for very low chemical residue after emptying. Every VARIBOX is shaped like a bathtub which stimulates emptying the IBC. This minimizes the chemical residue after using the IBC. Less chemical residue means less chemical waste, which is better for our environment. Less residue also means lower cleaning costs: waste is reduced and less water is required to clean the VARIBOX. Next,to the environmental benefits, low chemical residue also ensures safe transport of an empty VARIBOX.

10-year lifetime

Every VARIBOX has a lifetime of 10 years. Only the inner container needs to be replaced after 5 years. Compared to a “standard” IBC which has an average life time of one year, that is an environmental benefit.  If you compare a VARIBOX with standard IBC that means that you need ten “standard” IBC’s for just one VARIBOX. So, by using the VARIBOX SC or FC fewer plastics and other materials are being used, which is much better for the environment.

Recycled pallet


The pallet of the VARIBOX FC and VARIBOX SC are already being produced of recycled materials. Besides that, the operational plant in Deventer is part of Operation Clean Sweep (OCS). By being part of this great initiative, we are showing our commitment to a clean environment for the future. Operation Clean Sweep means for VARIBOX that there will be no waste during the production process of our IBC’s.  

More information

Do you have any specific questions regarding sustainability of the VARIBOX FC or VARIBOX SC, do you want additional information please feel free to contact us by or you can call +31 570 660 711