The Hygienic Re-usable IBC

The Hygienic Re-usable IBC

The Hygienic Re-usable IBC are helping a supplier of dialysis machines improve operations and meet the highest standards of hygiene and safety in the handling and storage of a specialist chemical for the machines. Based in La Réunion island, Vindeca is the distributor for La Réunion, Mauritius, Madagascar and Mayotte of dialysis machines and consumables from leading manufacturer B Braun Avitum.

In addition, Vindeca produces an acid concentrate for use in the machines at dialysis centres on La Réunion.  The concentrate is delivered directly to the centres through a central concentrate supply system (CCS) and Vindeca required a solution for the safe storage of the acid that could be linked to the CCS for immediate transfer when required.

The Hygienic Re-usable IBC

Roto moulded in polyethene, the robust construction of the Variboxes features an inner container enclosed within a strong outer cover, ensuring extremely safe handling of the acid and maximum protection throughout its transportation, storage and usage. A special discharge valve enables easy dispensing with no need to remove a cap. Integrated vents also open automatically during dispensing.

Equally important, the Variboxes are suitable for intensive usage for up to ten years, while to maintain efficient operations the containers provide direct sight of the level of liquid remaining. “The Varibox is a product of quality that is ideal for our requirements,” confirms Ahad Gungoo of Vindeca. “The dimensions of the container, which are similar to a European pallet, means all twelve fit perfectly into the available space in our facility.  The all-plastic design is resistant to corrosion and provides a high level of hygiene to maintain the quality of our operations.”

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