From the 10th of March until the 12th of March we will exhibit with VARIBOX at the CFIA exhibition. Our VARIBOX FC, is the IBC for the detergent industry, a value-added packaging for hygienic environments. For more information about our VARIBOX, please visit us on hall 10 stand F48-G49 at the CFIA exhibition in Rennes.

The IBC when hygiene is important

The VARIBOX FC is a safe and reusable IBC approved for the transport of dangerous goods, easy to handle and resistant to corrosion. Designed with a PE pallet, inner bottle and cover, the VARIBOX FC is offered without any external metallic parts and available in different colours. No corrosion and flaking paint. Hygiene is no longer an issue. The VARIBOX FC is easy to clean because of its shape which allows an optimal emptying, less than 0.5l will remain inside its inner bottle. The material and production technique provides our VARIBOX FC with a smooth interior, making sure that your product hardly sticks to its packaging.

Added value for you and your customers

VARIBOX FC offers considerable cost savings compared to more conventional containers. It is a durable and reusable double-walled IBC, equipped with a dip tube for a safe and leak-free emptying on top of the container. It is available in 2 volumes, 1000 and 800 litres and stackable when full to optimise space for storage in your warehouses and during transport. Mainly made in plastic and reusable, the VARIBOX FC ensures minimal environmental impact during your daily operations. In addition, its attractive design and ability to customise colours that match your corporate colour scheme or product coding will allow you to differentiate your company from the competition. The VARIBOX FC is suitable for a lot of applications in various industries, mainly for transport, storage and dosing for detergents and hazardous chemicals.

More information

Do you have any specific question regarding the VARIBOX FC or do you want additional information please feel free to contact us by or call us at +33 (0) 3 2163 1222.