VARIBOX CC 250L, the safest compact IBC

The VARIBOX CC 250L is specifically designed to reduce the handling of your chemicals, thereby minimizing the risk of contact with chemicals.

The VARIBOX CC 250L is the most compact double-walled IBC to date, it is the perfect solution for storing and transporting your chemicals! Due to its unique design, the VARIBOX CC 250 complies with UN / ADR transport regulations. This IBC with integrated spill containment can be placed in the smallest spaces without the need for an additional spill pallet. By using the VARIBOX CC 250 you comply with various European laws including AwSV in Germany and PGS 15 and PGS 31 in the Netherlands.

No more physical lifting!

The VARIBOX CC 250 has an integrated spill container, eliminating the need for physical lifting of drums on mandatory drip trays. Not only this, but the integrated spill container also protects you and your colleagues against leaks and offers you the flexibility to place the VARIBOX CC 250 at any desired location. In addition, you can easily move the VARIBOX CC 250 with a (hand) pallet truck.

VARIBOX CC 250L, the safest compact IBC

The VARIBOX remains completely closed while connecting to your system. This is achieved with the suction pipe at the top that can be connected to your pump system to pump out chemicals, creating a closed system. But there is more, the closed system of the VARIBOX IBCs also protects you and your colleagues against chemical fumes and prevents you and your colleagues from coming into contact with the chemical product.

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