VARIBOX Connect Data Insights

VARIBOX Connect will generate a lot of data. All this data will be turned into information on dashboards. With these dashboards, you can gain insights.

Actual status

The different dashboards within VARIBOX Connect give you insights into the actual status of each container. There are four different statuses for a container: full, in use, low-level and empty. 

Actual status


You will know the exact level of your chemical products in each VARIBOX container. You will also have an overview of the usage of your product over any period of time. 


With VARIBOX Connect you will see the exact location of all your VARIBOX containers. It's also possible to create special locations on the map so you know if it's a customer location, or a warehouse, or cleaner or service company. 


With the different dashboards within VARIBOX Connect, you will know which chemical product is in each container that you supply to your customers. At each customer location, you can see which products they have at this moment.


With VARIBOX Connect you will have insight into the temperature of each VARIBOX. The temperature will be shown in a graph over any period of time. You can set low and high temperatures for each of your products. The graphs show you if the temperature stayed in the correct temperature range or if it has been too warm or too cold.


You will also know how many shocks each Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) have had. A shock alarm goes off when the VARIBOX has been dropped. You may want to inspect this VARIBOX and act before refilling.

Track history

With VARIBOX Connect you will have insights into the history of each container. You can see which product has been supplied in the VARIBOX, to whom it has been supplied and when exactly that was. 

Duration at location

With the dashboards of VARIBOX Connect, you will see the duration at each location. You will have a graph where you can see how many days the VARIBOX is on each specified location. And how many days the VARIBOX is on average at a customer, or warehouse, or filler, or cleaner.

Inspection date

The VARIBOX Connect dashboards show when the next inspection needs to take place. This will be generated automatically. It also reminds you of the 5 year moment after which the IBC inner bottle may no longer be used.

Maintenance record

The VARIBOX Connect dashboards shows the maintenance record of each container. You can create new maintenance records in VARIBOX Connect. You can always see when the IBC was inspected or maintained and what exactly has been done. 

More information about VARIBOX Connect Data insights

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