Let's Connect! VARIBOX Connect provides you with your personal dashboard where you can see where every VARIBOX is and how much product is still inside. It's also predicting the dates when containers will be empty. With this knowledge about dates, locations and levels you can manage your VARIBOX fleet .

You can Connect your customers by offering them their personal Connect page. They see how much of your product is still available, when this will be consumed and what they have on stock. And you can manage this and supply again before they run out.

Anyone can see what the level is in each VARIBOX FC. With the Connect app on their mobile phone, users can scan the VARIBOX IBC. It shows how much product is inside without touching the container itself.


Fully integrated and approved connectivity solution

The VARIBOX Connect technology is placed inside the VARIBOX Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). The Connect technology is an integral part of the VARIBOX and is included in the UN approval. At this moment it is the only approved connectivity solution on an IBC. VARIBOX Connect is specially tailored to each version of the VARIBOX IBCs.

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Data insights with VARIBOX Connect

With VARIBOX Connect you will gain insight into customer behaviour. By having the knowledge of location and level for each VARIBOX you can make predictions and by doing that improve customer performance. Together with your customer, you can decrease the duration at location: improve the time in use and decrease time containers are full or empty. It also gives an insight into the alarms triggered at each customer.

Offer new services to your customers

With Connect you can take even better care of your customers. Offer your customers a higher level of service, and support them just before they realise they need you - generate a significant competitive advantage. You will make sure that your chemicals will always be available to your customers. By taking care of your customer and making sure that their process will always be up and running, you will create stronger customer relationships.

Increase your VARIBOX fleet efficiency

You know what the consumption at your customers is and when they will run out of your product. With Connect you can match the consumption at your customers with your process - no last-minute disruptions. 

By reducing the periods “empty” and “full” you can increase the circulation speed of your VARIBOX fleet. Make more trips with each container, serve more customers with the same fleet of VARIBOX Containers 


More information about VARIBOX Connect

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