VARIBOX Full Containment 1000L

For safety in chemical distribution

The VARIBOX FC is the safest IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) for chemical distribution. The VARIBOX FC Certified by the German DIBt and has an UN approval. The VARIBOX is a double walled IBC. This ensures that your chemical products stay safely inside. 

The VARIBOX FC 1000L has a closed system. Because of this closed system, the VARIBOX® is discharged from the top. Users can safely connect to a leak-free extractor. There is no need to open caps or closures. This ensures that there is no risk of contact with chemicals. The VARIBOX FC has an integrated spill containment, so there’s no need for an additional spill container.


Material inner container:  Polyethylene (LLDPE), recyclable
Material outer container: Polyethylene (LLDPE), with steel reinforcement, recyclable
Material cover: Polyethylene (LLDPE), recyclable
Material pallet:Recycled polyethylene (LLDPE), recyclable
Gross capacity: 1025 l
Nominal capacity:1010 l
Width: 1000 mm
Length:1200 mm
Height: 1325 mm
Nett height (stacking):1310 mm
Inlet height: 1290 mm
Inlet distance from front: 330 mm
Stacking height: 2635 mm
Stacking load: 2080 kg
Weight:122 kg
Transport quantity: 52 per truck
DIBt approval number:Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung (abZ) Z-40.21-534
UN certification number:UN 31HH1/Y/**--/NL/TCPI-PROMENS3-140531/3750/2028

Standard liquid approvals

Liquid:Maximum density / hydraulic test pressure
Wetting solution1600 kg/m3 110 kPa
n-Butyl acetate1600 kg/m3 110 kPa
White spirit1600 kg/m3 110 kPa
Nitric acid 55%1600 kg/m3 110 kPa
Nitric acid 62% (max. 2 years)1400 kg/m3 110 kPa
Sopuroxid 15 (contains 15% Peracetic acid)1200 kg/m3 100 kPa
Vacuum relief vent capacity120 l/min
Overpressure vent capacity80 l/h at ∆P 12 mbar

VARIBOX FC for a sustainable environment

VARIBOX stands for a healthy and sustainable future. That’s means that everything we do including designing and producing the VARIBOX even as running our operations everything is aimed for a sustainable and healthy future. The VARIBOX FC is specially designed for re-use. These multi-trip IBC’s can be used up to 10 years. Re-using IBC’s throughout the complete lifetime of means that you need less plastic to produce a new IBC’s.  

The VARIBOX FC is shaped like a bathtub. With the extractor tube in a sink this minimizes the chemical residue after using the IBC. Less chemical residue means les chemical waste, which is better for the environment.

Every VARIBOX FC has a lifetime of 10 years. Only the inner container needs to be replaced after 5 years. Compared to a “standard” IBC which has an average life time of one year that’s is an great environmental benefit. 

The recycled pallet of the VARIBOX FC

The pallet of the VARIBOX FC is already being produced of recycled materials. Besides that, there is an end-of-life-time pick-up of each VARIBOX FC.  Next to the end-of-lifetimeme pick up of each VARIBOX, the operational plant in Deventer is part of Operation Clean Sweep (OCS). By being part of this great initiative, we are showing our commitment to a clean environment for the future. 

More information

Do you have any specific questions regarding the VARIBOX FC or do you want additional information please feel free to contact us by or you can call (+31) 0570-660-706