VARIBOX Full Containment 800L

The unique VARIBOX Full Containment sets the standard for working safely with chemicals. The double-walled VARIBOX FC with integrated spill containment complies to current storage- and transport regulations (ADR). These unique aspects give you a safe solution and the flexibility to place the VARIBOX FC on every desired location, without having to set up additional drip tray facilities.

The core values on which the VARIBOX FC is based are the reduction of handling of chemicals and minimizing the risk of getting in touch with chemicals. While connecting the VARIBOX FC to your system, it remains closed and you will not be exposed to the chemicals. The suction lance reaches the lowest point in the VARIBOX FC and will ensure that a maximum of 0,5 liter residue will be left in the IBC.

In short, with the VARIBOX FC, you supply your chemical product in the best and safest way possible, without the risk to get in contact with the chemicals

VARIBOX full containment 800l

VARIBOX FC for a sustainable environment

VARIBOX stands for a healthy and sustainable future. That means that everything we do (including designing and producing) the VARIBOX as well as running our operations is aimed for a sustainable and healthy future. The VARIBOX FC is especially designed for re-use. These re-useable IBC’s can be used up to 10 years. Re-using IBC’s throughout the complete lifetime means that you need less plastic to produce a new IBC’s compared to standard IBC's.  

The VARIBOX FC is shaped with an extractor tube in the lowest point which minimizes the chemical residue after using the IBC. Less chemical residue means less chemical waste, which is better for the environment.

Every VARIBOX FC has a lifetime of 10 years. In line with the ADR-regulations, only the inner container needs to be replaced after 5 years. Compared to a “standard” IBC which has an average lifetime of one year that’s is a great environmental benefit.

The recycled pallet of the VARIBOX FC

The pallet of the VARIBOX FC is already being produced with recycled materials. Besides that, we can recycle the VARIBOX FC at the end of it's life. The productionplant in Deventer is part of Operation Clean Sweep (OCS). By being part of this great initiative, we are showing our commitment to a clean environment for the future.

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