VARIBOX Single Containment 1000L

The VARIBOX Single Containment 1000L is a safe and sustainable UN approved IBC container for transport and storage of chemical liquid products.
The VARIBOX is designed for intensive usage, that ensures your VARIBOX® SC provides you with long-lasting services. The VARIBOX® is equipped with an automated vent, which opens automatically when you safely dispense your product. This eliminates the risk of human errors.

The robust discharge valve makes sure your products stay safely inside the VARIBOX SC container, trip after trip. The VARIBOX SC inner bottle design enables an optimal emptying of your container. This minimizes residues and waste. And the VARIBOX SC is highly customizable to match your product or company.

VARIBOX SC, leading the way to sustainability

Every VARIBOX SC has a lifetime of 10 years. According to UN/ADR regulation, the inner bottle can be reused for up to five years, providing a cost-effective way to carry and store chemicals. While keeping the pallet and cover of the Varibox, you are required only to change the inner bottle after 5 years of intensive usage. This delivers an improved carbon footprint, as well as greatly reducing the amount of packaging waste. The packaging waste produced by a multi-trip container compared to a one-way solution is set to decrease for many years.

You promote sustainability, with a drastic reduction of your carbon footprint, due to the decreased numbers of IBC bought. We have seen a considerable reduction of carbon footprint in companies where the VARIBOX® is chosen instead of a one-way container.

When it is possible to do so while keeping safety as a priority, we use recycled materials to produce our pallets. In addition, some of our operational plants like in Deventer (NL), are part of Operation Clean Sweep (OCS). By being part of this great initiative, we show our commitment to a cleaner environment for the future.

VARIBOX Single Containment 1000L, where safety is the priority

The solid construction of the VARIBOX® SC, roto moulded in polyethene, includes an inner bottle fully protected by its robust outer cover. Featuring a heavy-duty valve for easy and reliable dispensing of the product without the need of removing the top cap.

The resistance of the Varibox leads to maximum protection so that product quality is maintained along its journey. Integrated vents automatically open, ensuring safe and secure emptying of the Varibox. In addition, a pressure release system is available for chemicals that cause a product build-up.



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