VARIBOX Single Containment 1000L

The VARIBOX® IBC container is tough enough to take whatever you throw at it. It’s proof of our many decades of expertise and proven reliability in this field. Built-in reinforcement in the double layer cover is designed to protect the container and ensure your VARIBOX® provides long-lasting service. The integrated vents automatically open while your customers safely dispense your product. All they have to do is open the discharge valve – there’s no need for them to remove the cap. A pressure release system is provided for products that cause a pressure build-up. The robust discharge valve makes sure your products stay safely inside the VARIBOX® container, trip after trip. The large valve keeps your products flowing swiftly and smoothly. Dip tubes with leak-free quick connectors for discharging from the top of the container are available as an option.


Material inner container Polyethylene (LLDPE), recyclable
Material outer container Polyethylene (LLDPE), with steel reinforcement, recyclable
Material cover:Polyethylene (LLDPE), recyclable
Material pallet:Recycled polyethylene (LLDPE), recyclable
Gross capacity:1040 l
Nominal capacity:1000 l
Width:1000 mm
Length:1200 mm
Height:1325 mm
Nett height (stacking):1310 mm
Inlet height:1290 mm
Inlet distance from front: 330 mm
Stacking height:2635 mm
Stacking load:2080 kg
Weight:105 kg
Transport quantity:52 per truck
UN certification Numbers:UN 31HH1/Y/**--/NL/TCPI-PROMENS3-140531/3750/2028

Standard liquid approvals

Liquid:  Maximum density / hydraulic test pressure
Water: 1900 kg/m3 110 kPa
Wetting solution: 1600 kg/m3 110 kPa
n-Butyl acetate: a1600 kg/m3 110 kPa
White spirit: 1600 kg/m3 110 kPa
Nitric acid 55%: 1600 kg/m3 110 kPa
Nitric acid 62% (max. 2 years):1400 kg/m3 110 kPa
Vacuum relief vent capacity:120 l/min
Overpressure vent capacity: 60 l/h at ∆P 8 kPa