VARIBOX FC in the supply chain  

In this video you will find how the VARIBOX FC works throughout the complete supply chain. 

Drumtainer, the mobile overpacking for drums

In this video you will find the video on how the Drumtainer works troughout the logistic process.

Connect the NS4 Coupler

In this video, you will find instructions on how to connect NS4 to your VARIBOX FC. NS4 extractor tube is specially developed for fine dosing when using the VARIBOX FC. 

Connect the Safeline Performance 

In this video, you will find the instructions on how to connect Safeline Performance to your VARIBOX. The Safeline Performance coupler creates a closed system with your VARIBOX and allows you to extract the chemical product.

Connect the AS coupler 

The optional AS extractor tube is an extractor tube for the VARIBOX FC. A coupler can be connected to the top of the AS extractor tube to pump out the chemical product safely.

Connect the level sensor 

The optional level sensor is a sensor in the VARIBOX FC that knows when a certain level of chemical product inside the VARIBOX FC is reached. A system can be connected to the level sensor, which then emits a signal or switches off the pump. 

Spill control

In this video, you will find the instructions on how to check the outer container of VARIBOX FC for leakage or spills.


Chemical and detergents distributors who are supplying their product in our double-walled IBCs have the opportunity to seal their VARIBOX. The benefit of the sealing our double-walled IBC that you as a supplier know that the container has not been opened and only the VARIBOX Safeline System has been used. 

More information

If you want more information about the VARIBOX, please have look at our FAQ page. Or if you want additional information about our VARIBOX FC and SC please feel free to contact us through or you can call us on +31 570 660 711