New development on our closed system

FAQ VARIBOX Safeline Performance

Safe transport and storage are the basic principles for which the Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) from VARIBOX have been developed. To ensure safety when using our containers, today every VARIBOX can be equipped with a completely closed system. This easy to use system has an extractor tube in the container and can be connected to your system using a coupler. This means that the VARIBOX does not have to be opened during transport or usage. It remains closed.

New development on our closed system

We are currently working hard to further improve our closed system. With a new development, we ensure that the Viton couplings can no longer be connected to EPDM extractor tubes and vice versa, in short, a VARIBOX with, for example, “alkali” cannot be accidentally connected to the system for “acids”. The new system will have different colours and shapes. This will further increase the safe usage of the VARIBOX.

Closed system simple and logical

The supplier fills the VARIBOX Full Containment at its location. The extractor tube and other options in the container are prepared for use and the VARIBOX is then sealed. By going through this process thoroughly, the container remains completely closed during transport. Which guarantees safety during loading and transport.

When the VARIBOX is delivered, the VARIBOX is still closed. You can safely transport the VARIBOX from the truck with a forklift or pallet truck. The VARIBOX can then be placed at any desired location because the container has an integrated spill containment. When the VARIBOX will be put into use, the container still does not need to be opened. Only a counter coupling needs to be connected to the connection point on top of the VARIBOX. So, no action must be taken on the screwcap or the container itself. This ensures that you and your colleagues cannot come into contact with the chemicals.

Stay tuned, the new system will be available from the 10th of September 2020. 

More information

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