New innovations on our IBCs

New innovations on our IBCs

At VARIBOX we are continuously looking for new improvements on IBCs. By application of 3D technology we make our IBCs even safer and more sustainable than ever before.

Double-walled protection

The VARIBOX IBCs are durable double-walled Intermediate Bulk Container(s) (IBC) for your chemical transportation and storage needs, with a lifetime of up to 10 years! Through its unique design and extractor tube on the top, less than 0.5 litres of residue will be left in the IBC. This minimizes waste and enables safe transport, trip after trip, year after year.

Low chemical residue

Our new IBC shares the same unique properties as our VARIBOX SC and VARIBOX FC IBCs. These IBCs are designed for very low chemical residue after emptying. Every VARIBOX is shaped like a bathtub which eases emptying the IBC. This minimizes the residue after using the IBC. Less chemical residue means less chemical waste, which is better for our environment. Less residue also means lower cleaning costs: waste is reduced, and less water is required to clean. Next, to the environmental benefits, low chemical residue also ensures safe handling and transport of an empty VARIBOX.

Innovation never stops at VARIBOX

Innovation never stops at VARIBOX. Our product development department is continuously looking for new opportunities. With double-walled protection and reduction of handling of chemicals in mind, our department recently started a new project to create a new VARIBOX IBC to expand our product portfolio. The characteristics of the new VARIBOX IBC will be revealed very soon. So, keep an eye on our website and LinkedIn – there will be more news coming soon!

More information

For now, we are pleased to help you out with our durable and double-walled VARIBOX FC or VARIBOX SC. If you need any information about any of those IBCs, please feel free to contact us by or you can call +31 570 660 711