Our VARIBOX IBC product range will expand!

Our VARIBOX IBC product range will expand!

Our VARIBOX product range will expand! A new IBC with the same unique safety standards as our VARIBOX FC will be introduced on the 2nd of July

The new VARIBOX creates a closed system

Just like the VARIBOX FC and the VARIBOX SC, the new VARIBOX is specifically designed to reduce the manual handling of your chemicals which minimizes the risk of chemical contact. The VARIBOX remains completely closed while connecting to your system. This is achieved with its extractor tube that can be connected to your pump system, to pump out chemicals in a closed system.

The safest IBC for the transport of chemicals

With the new double-walled VARIBOX IBC you will meet all European storage and transport regulations. But that is not where it ends, the integrated spill containment protects both you and your colleagues from any leakage whilst allowing you to place the new VARIBOX IBC on any desired location, removing the need to set up additional drip trays!

Designed for Reuse

We at VARIBOX are committed to a healthy and sustainable future. Everything we do (including designing and producing) the new VARIBOX as well as running our operations are aimed for a sustainable and healthy future. The new IBC is specially designed for re-use. This IBC can be used intensively for up to 5 years. Re-using IBCs throughout the complete lifetime means that you need considerably less plastic compared to standard IBC’s. The new IBC has an extractor tube in the lowest point which minimizes the chemical residue after emptying the IBC. Less chemical residue means less chemical waste, which is safer and better for the environment.