New Polyethylene valve for the VARIBOX

Polyethylene valve

New product development: Polyethylene valve suitable for sulphuric acid of concentrations up to 96 – 98% The VARIBOX SC 1000L has received an ADR approval for its special sulphuric acid version equipped with a valve made of Polyethylene (PE) instead of Polypropylene (PPGF). This has been a request from the chemical distribution market in different countries. Chemical distributors handling sulphuric acid of concentrations up to 96 – 98 % seek a reliable packaging. The new Polyethylene valve has been developped with SAFI, our trusted supplier of high-quality valves.

Your safety is our priority

Safety motivated our choice to innovate and introduce this new version. Sulphuric acid, being a particularly hazardous chemical, requires special care and sturdy packaging. With the special Sulphuric acid valve made of PE and reliable VITON seals, the VARIBOX inner container “special sulphuric acid” is made for a useful life of 5 years, which is the maximum length of time allowed by ADR regulation. Due to its higher wall thickness and our special valve we can ensure that your hazardous chemicals will stay inside your VARIBOX, decreasing chances of harm to operator, end-user and environment. You can distinguish the valve types by the colour coding of the valve handle:

  • Green for PPGF material & VITON seals
  • Red for PPGF material & EPDM seals
  • Yellow for PE material & VITON seals – the new Polyethylene valve

FAQ about our Polyethylene valve

Over time, we have answered many questions about the valves on our VARIBOX. We have selected the most frequently asked questions our customers have about this in a ball valve FAQ webpage. This tool allows our customers to quickly find answers on usage, characteristics and availability of our trusted ball valve. We hope this tool helps you and your colleagues understand and use our ball valve safely.

More information

If you are handling Sulphuric acid or want information about the new Polyethylene valve? Please feel free to contact us at or call +31 570 660 711