Varibox FC, the IBC for chemistry in the beverage industry!

Varibox FC, the IBC for chemistry in the beverage industry!

VARIBOX FC, the IBC for chemistry in the beverage industry! Everything starts with the basics, oxygen, food and not the least important drinks. If your customers are in the beverage industry, two things are very important: hygiene and safety. The VARIBOX FC offers the possibility to supply chemicals to the beverage industry, taking these aspects into account. The detergents and disinfectants used to ensure hygiene are perfectly packed in the VARIBOX. The IBC is easy to clean and can enter a customer production location cleanly. The chemical can be pumped out by an integrated extractor tube, leaving a minimum of residue that needs to be cleaned. Due to its design, the IBC can be perfectly cleaned after usage.

Double-walled IBC

Because the VARIBOX FC is double-walled, it provides extra safety: it has an integrated spill containment. The outer container ensures safe temporary spill containment of the chemicals in case of a leakage. In addition, all openings like the screw-cap and extractor tube are seal-able. Before a VARIBOX is connected you can see if a seal has been broken and so you’re sure of the integrity of the contents.

CIP (Cleaning in Place)

In addition, the VARIBOX offers the advantage that it can be placed anywhere. This is a major advantage, especially in the context of CIP cleaning (Cleaning In Place). Wherever you have a connection point to clean your installations, the VARIBOX can be placed. To enhance both hygienie and safety, the VARIBOX can be equipped with various types of extractor tubes. These are all equipped with “dry-break” couplings so that both the IBC and the extractor tube are immediately and completely closed when the IBC is disconnected. This makes dripping extractor tubes that are transferred from one IBC to another a thing of the past! Optional sensors can be used to signal when the IBC is empty or “almost” empty. This ensures that the process can always continue, or is stopped when no more chemicals are supplied.

More information

If you also want to help your customers with the VARIBOX FC, the IBC for chemistry in the beverage industry, and deliver your chemicals in a safe and user-friendly IBC, please contact our VARIBOX Customer Service Deventer. Please contact us at +31 570 660 711 or by